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Building or renovating a house: An alternative purchase formula

If you're looking to buy a new house, you might be lucky enough to find your ideal home, an existing property that suits your tastes and meets your requirements, in an area you like and ready to move into. That isn't always the case, however.

Maybe you find a plot of land in an idyllic spot, or an existing property that needs some renovation work. This is a perfect opportunity for us to help you create your ideal home, your dream home that is everything you've always wanted.


One of our clients who have renovated their villa in Costa Blanca with us speaks of their experience:

Customer experience

At Jetvillas we always work with the utmost care and dedication to exceed our clients' expectations. 



It's all a lot simpler than you may think. We know you have little time to waste, which is why we work with an optimised process so you only have to come and see us 3 times (although of course you're welcome to come more often if you like):

  • Free consultation: You tell us all about your ideas and we help you pinpoint your needs.  
  • Proposal: We will present you with all the possible solutions, together with the best architects and designers. We will make all the necessary changes until the project fully meets your requirements. 
  • Execution: This phase begins when the decision is made to start work and lasts until we hand over the keys to your new home. We make sure everything is under control. 


We're fully convinced that the key to the best building and renovation projects lies in paying attention to the details, quality, innovation and personalisation. We optimise spaces and create unique atmospheres. That's what turns any old place into somewhere special.

As a matter of fact, Jetvillas started out in life as a construction company and has since day one developed a great network of expert builders, architects and designers.

When we start work on a house construction or renovation, we don't consider it to be a project with a beginning and an end (the key handover). We understand it to be the start of a long-term relationship.


We want you to feel comfortable and at ease

That's the only way to enjoy the process, and building or renovating a home is something that should be enjoyed. We're going to make sure that's the case: here, under the Mediterranean sun, in a place as lovely as Costa Blanca.

We offer you a very personalised service in your own language, to make sure there are no barriers between us.

Our newly built homes are delivered with a 10-year insurance policy to provide you with peace of mind and cover any unexpected issues.

Jetvillas is the only real estate company in the area to have the ISO 9001 Quality Stamp and is audited by TÜV every year.

We guarantee our delivery periods. We're so sure we're going to meet our deadlines that if we deliver late, we'll pay you compensation for every day of delay. 

Once the work is finished and we hand over your home, we will place our after-sales department at your disposal. They'll always be there for you to solve any issues you may have.


Materials: the key to good results

We use innovative materials with low CO2 emissions to build and renovate our properties. From the moment construction begins our goal is to achieve the greatest energy efficiency for your home.

As well as the traditional systems using concrete blocks or clay bricks, we also offer aerated concrete walls, which provide greater insulation thus saving considerable amounts of energy and, of course, money.

We offer the most advanced photovoltaic energy systems, thermal solar panels, aerothermal energy and charging systems for electric vehicles. We also have interesting financing options available.

Want to know what aerothermal energy is?

We'll carefully study the construction or renovation project to provide you with a home in keeping with the German Passivhaus or Zero-Energy standards. This creates low energy consumption homes due to the excellent insulation materials employed, the use of internal heat sources and minimisation of heat loss. 


If you're thinking of building or renovating a home, Jetvillas can offer you an integral solution.

This is how we helped our clients celebrate a dream come true: delivery of their new home! 

We're experts. We're here for you. We'll help you and support you throughout the process. 

Ask us anything you like, we'll be happy to explain what you want to know. 

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