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Proper valuation and market study: Crucial for selling your home

Do you know what the first (and most essential) thing you need to sell a property fast and at a good price is? A proper valuation together with a market study. If you don't have this information, you won't be able to price your property in keeping with its true market value, meaning it'll take much longer to sell.

If the asking price for your home is above the market price, you might not manage to sell it. If, on the other hand, it's below market price you could end up losing money.

Jetvillas has access to all the necessary data to analyse the market. This means the owner knows who their direct competitors are when they want to sell their house, which is essential for a successful sale.


We recommend you look for a real estate agency that will carry out an objective, reliable valuation and market study.

Make sure the agency you choose works with tools that provide official market data and takes into account important aspects such as the type of property, the area, the neighborhood, location, nearby services, surface area, distribution, building materials employed, condition of the property, orientation, light, views and fixtures such as windows or lifts. As you can see, there's an endless list of elements to be taken into account.

Don't rely on online simulators. They have a huge margin of error because they fail to take into account many of the aspects we mentioned above.

The matter is a very important one, which you really want to place in the right hands.


Do I always need to get a valuation done?

The answer is simple: Yes! Whether due to a sale, inheritance, divorce or any other situation, whenever you want to sell a home you need a valuation (if you want to sell it quickly and at a good price, that is.)

We often find properties that have been on the market for months but have not sold. The problem usually lies in the fact that owners are often influenced more by their emotions than by logic when they set their asking price, so it isn't competitive in the market.

There's an ideal buyer for every home, it's just a matter of reaching them.

As well as a proper valuation and a good market study, there are other sales techniques which can be employed, and at Jetvillas we use them all.


The importance of relying on a professional

There are two sides to every property transaction: the vendor, who always wants the highest possible price, and the buyer, who wants to spend as little as possible. 

It's important to have a neutral figure between the two, a professional who knows and can confirm the true value of the property. This provides added value for both parties: the vendor knows he isn't risking "tiring" his property by having it on the market for too long, and the buyer knows the purchase is a safe one as they can guarantee that the price is right.


Also, it's worth bearing in mind that banks or financial institutions don't tend to lend more than 80% of the appraisal amount, so it's even more important for the buyer to know the true value so they can work out how much they need to have saved up if they require a mortgage.


How are valuations done?

You need a specialist real estate agent who works with a proven, reliable tool to carry out a valuation on your property. 

Leave it in their hands and don't worry about a thing. They will take all the necessary steps and checks to ascertain the exact value of your property. They will visit the home, check the plans, take measurements, look into the building's urban planning situation...

If you want to sell, first step should always be to know the value of your property and the situation of the market. That for Jetvillas offers a Valuation and Market analysis to our owners, explaining what similar properties are on for sale at the moment. This service will allow us to develop an optimized selling strategy in order to sell your house efficiently.

If you have any questions, we're here to help. At Jetvillas, we have a team of professional experts who work with a proven tool to carry out your valuation and market study.

We're here to make the sales process easy for you.

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