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How to sell your villa with the help of the latest technologies

If there's one thing that characterises the current situation, it's uncertainty. Uncertainty, for example, of how to handle selling your villa in Costa Blanca against the backdrop of the "new normality".

One of the things we all agree on is that Covid-19 is changing the world, and the real estate sector wasn't likely to escape the trend.

Whether your property was already up for sale, or you've started thinking about selling it now, you'll be interested in this article.

Think it'll be impossible to sell it in these new circumstances? Think you'll be unable to find buyers?

Both are far from true. If you want to sell now, it's important to familiarise yourself with the latest technologies the best real estate agencies work with.

Download the latest technological tools

In a context of restricted mobility such as the one we're currently experiencing, one of the consequences of which is a considerable decrease in viewings by potential buyers, it's increasingly necessary (in fact we think it's virtually essential) to use technology to help us allow potential buyers to view your property from the comfort of their own homes.

Herramientas tecnológicas

The latest technologies you need to be familiar with 

Introducing the latest technologies which we use at Jetvillas to provide buyers with a unique experience. The better presented a property is, the greater the probability of selling it!

  • 360º virtual tour:
We're starting with this one as it is the most modern, ground-breaking tool when it comes to presenting properties.
If you want to really show your potential buyers what your property is like, a 360º virtual tour is the ideal solution. The experience is very realistic, almost like viewing the property in person.
It has been proved that a virtual tour increases buyers' interest by 84%. Moreover, by showing them the house the tour filters out those clients who are not really interested in buying. 
  • Videos:

Making videos of your property is a good alternative to a virtual tour in order to show potential buyers all the details of the home.

Although not quite as stunning as a virtual tour, this system is still a very good, very realistic one.

Here is an example:

  • Guided online viewings:

This is a very innovative system. A specialist real estate agent arranges a video-call with a potential buyer. At the agreed time, the agent travels to the property to show it to the potential buyer, in the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world. The buyer can view the property in real time and even direct the agent to examine specific details.

This allows for very direct, though remote, interaction with the client and also provides a great sense of transparency. 

The agent who visits the property will do so following strict safety protocols and with the necessary protection.

  • Professional quality photographs, enhanced in the laboratory: 

As well as taking great quality photos, they can be enhanced in the laboratory afterwards. Slight corrections are made to provide a spectacular result: the light is increased, the frame corrected, unwanted items removed... 

Antes Después

  • Home Staging:

This enables us to offer your buyer a more attractive property without having to carry out renovations and it will be very easy for them to get an idea of the property's potential. 

Antes Después



  • Social media campaigns and prominent positioning on portals: 

Both these techniques are aimed to increase your property's visibility through the only channel which has not been affected by the current situation, the internet.


Within the real estate sector, not only has the online world avoided being harmed by the situation but it has actually gained strength. It provides us with a great opportunity to sell properties. A flourishing field which will be of great assistance to those who know how to make the most of it.

Download the latest technological tools

Jetvillas is the leading real estate agency in Costa Blanca north when it comes to use of technology to sell properties

Over the last few months, we've been working hard to provide you with all the available technology on the market to sell your property.

You need to show your property off more than ever, and we know how to do it. 

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