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How to sell quicker, and at a better price

It takes an average of 8.2 months to sell a property in Spain according to El Economista. That's pretty reasonable considering the process buyers must go through to purchase. 

If you're selling, you probably want to shorten the wait as much as possible. You want to sell quickly, and for the best price you can. Let's take a look at the best tips to help sell your home:

Want some help selling your villa in Costa Blanca?

  • Prepare the property: Clean, tidy, make repairs and remove personal items and clutter to avoid distractions and provide potential buyers with the best possible first impression. 
  • Light it up for viewings: Raise all the blinds and turn on the lights before visitors arrive to view your property. The brighter, the better. 
  • Get the asking price right: This tends to be a key point. If your asking price isn't in keeping with the market, it will take much longer to sell. Research average prices for similar properties in the area and take the condition into account...

    If the task seems hard, ask your real estate agent, they'll certainly know how to help. They know the market and have unbiased information on prices. They can obtain the best coherent market price. Don't be fooled by the prices you see on the internet, most of them are way over their true market prices.

  • Detailed, honest description of the property:  Write a description of your home that is as detailed and honest as possible. You can ask your real estate agent for advice, but its best for you, the owner, to write this bit as you know the property better than anyone. Your agent will check the text and add to it to boost its impact to the max.
  • Top quality photos: It's very important to include pictures of all the main areas and rooms in your advert. Don't forget the garage or car park, storeroom and terrace (if it has them.) You can also include photos of the entrance, gardens and the outside of the building.

    Make sure the photos are good quality and enhance the property's strong points. Use the very best photo as the main image.

    Bear in mind that properties advertised with professional photos sell 32% quicker and for 1% more money (according to statistics included in the NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report.)
Before After

  • Virtual tour: There's no better way of showing your property off to a potential buyer than with a virtual tour. It allows them to look about inside the house without having to leave their own home. Virtual tours generate 40% more clicks and 49% more qualified contacts (according to Matterport.) 
  • Videos: Can be an alternative to virtual tours. Record 360º videos of the best rooms in the property. 
  • Home Staging: This technique makes your home more attractive and helps catch the attention of more potential buyers. It also helps avoid negotiations as it allows buyers to clearly see the property's potential.

    Before After

    Before After
    • Draw up plans: Having plans to the property is vital for buyers as it means they can discover the exact size, distribution and orientation. 
    • Social media campaigns: Will help you find your ideal buyer. Your property will gain visibility on social media sites your potential clients visit. Remember property portals are not the only useful places on the internet. 
    • EPC: Any property sold in Spain must have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate.) If this document is not included in the paperwork when it comes to signing the deeds, the notary will not allow the sale to go ahead. It's the owner's responsibility to obtain this certificate.
    • Safe Purchase Guarantee: This stamp offers your buyers 20 years of peace of mind when it comes to any possible issues with the property. Very few agencies offer this insurance, which brings added value that your buyers will certainly appreciate.

Safe Purchase Guarantee

  • Updates: Once your advert is live, don't just forget about it. Keep it up-to-date and make regular changes and improvements to make it more attractive. Update the information on your property
  • Prominent position on portals: All these pointers will help your property reach a prominent position on real estate portals and therefore greater visibility.  

Would you like to use all these techniques to sell your property? Place your trust in us. Leave your home in our hands by signing an exclusive contact and you can get all these services for free.


You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression. 

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