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Get ready for your estate agent's visit

Have you chosen and contacted the estate agency you want to manage the sale of your home?

Once you've decided to sell your house through a professional, one of the most important steps is the first visit. While they're there, the agent will check a number of things and decide on the most effective way to market it.

The main goal for this visit is to meet you, hear about your situation and inspect the property in detail with an aim to working out how to make the most of its potential (in terms of marketing it, and in terms of how much it can be sold for).


Maximise the results of your agent's visit

Let's have a look at some of the things to keep in mind for all visits, from your agent and photographer as well as viewings by potential buyers. 

  • First and foremost, get rid of as much clutter as possible. Tidy up, clean and remove everything that doesn't need to be on show. The idea is to present a clear, spacious area with lots of potential. The less clutter there is, the more spacious a room will seem. 
  • Remove all personal and decorative objects. Decor is a very personal thing, not everybody has the same taste as you. Try to present a space which is as simple and neutral as possible to enable viewers to imagine what it would look like decorated to their own tastes. The 'less is more' rule always works here.


  • Make it as bright as possible. Open all the blinds and always turn the lights on. Your agent will probably need to take photos, and good illumination is vital for good quality pictures. We will always advertise your property with professional quality photos and texts to attract your future buyers.
  • Try to make your home smell nice. Air it well and, if necessary, use light air fresheners. 

    As each area of a house is used for different things, each area should also smell different. It wouldn't make much sense for a kitchen or dining room to smell of perfume, and it wouldn't be very nice to rest in a bedroom that smells of food.

  There are also unperfumed sprays that neutralise nasty smells. 

  • Don't forget the outdoor areas, either. We often focus on the inside and forget about the garden, terrace, swimming pool... 
    Put the hose pipes away, sweep away dead leaves or rubbish and tidy up the sunbeds, tables and chairs.
    One thing that always livens up a garden is to put cushions on the chairs, towels on the sunbeds and lay the table appealingly.
  • It's a very good idea to check all the paperwork relating to your property at the beginning to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. This will help make the purchase safe and simple, both for you and for your buyers. 
    Download all the benefits of the Safe Purchase GuaranteeDig out the following documents (if you have them) to show your agent: 

    - Title deeds (escritura).
    - Certificate from the Property registry (nota simple).
    - Property tax (I.B.I.).
    - Electricity bill.
    - Water bill.
    - EPC (Energy performance certificate). 
    - Plans of the property.
    - Topographical or cadastral plan.

    Don't worry if you don't have all of these. Your lawyer or administrator might have them, and if not, we'll help you get them.
  • Answer all your agent's questions honestly, and ask them to answer yours and clear up any doubts you may have. Remember, they're there to help you. Speak frankly with them. 

If you're still not sure who to trust to sell your property, we've made a guide of the keys to making the right choice. 

Nueva llamada a la acción

Preparing well for your estate agent's visit is the first step on the road to a successful sale. 

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