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Don't risk it when choosing a building company

If you're thinking about buying a house, you've viewed lots and weighed up all the options available on the market but none of them were what you were looking for...

We have the answer! You can build a home to exactly match your taste and requirements.

That was the easy part, now comes the catch: you need to find the best company to build your home. 

The choice of building company is extremely important. They will be the ones in charge of managing most of the budget assigned to the job and they will have to coordinate all the parties involved. They will be your point of contact, and your eyes on site throughout the process. 

Choosing the wrong builders can end up being very expensive and can ruin the whole project. If, on the other hand, you find a good, professional company, it's sure to be a great success. 

Want us to help you build or renovate your property?

Don't just look at the price. You probably think the best idea would be to send your project to a few builders for quotes and then choose the cheapest one. That would be a huge mistake, as it could be a double-edged sword. The price is not the only criteria to be considered, or even the most important one, come to that.

There are a few scammers out there, but don't worry, we're going to give you all the keys to help you spot them and stay well away.


What should I look out for?

  • Look for a financially sound building company:

    This is certainly the most important thing to bear in mind. If the company isn't financially sound, they might use your money to pay off their own debts. 
  • Look for a company with proven experience:

    Another very important point which, in a way, relates to the one above. A company with a proven background will be able to handle your project and deal with any unexpected issues that arise during the process.

    Examine previous renovation and construction projects the company has carried out. 
  • Look for comments by clients who have worked with them:

    It's always a bonus to be able to hear what previous clients have to say as it will give you an idea of what you can expect. 
    Customer experienceSearch for them on Google and social media networks.
    Testimonials in GoogleTestimonials in Facebook
  • Look for a building company that is up-to-date with all the latest technologies and follows the trends when it comes to construction. This requires continuous research and training of team members. 
  • Look for a company that works for a fixed price:

    It's extremely common for unexpected issues to arise during construction projects that were not initially taken into account. Look for a company that works for a fixed price to avoid nasty, unexpected surprises when you go to pay the bill.

    Many construction companies copy and paste the quote from the architect's specifications to create a cheap quote. This can cause a huge problem because the specifications don't take any unexpected issues into account and they are usually of a very low quality. All of this means the quote will be misleading and you will be expected to pay a considerable amount of extra charges.
  • Try to get them to guarantee the deadlines:

    As we said above, there tend to be unexpected issues on building jobs. Unless the company guarantees a delivery date for the completed property, these issues could hold the entire process back considerably. Try to get them to sign a contract that includes a penalty to the builders for every day delivery is delayed. 

    Jetvillas workers
  • A key-ready constructor will save you a lot of headaches:

    Key-ready means they will deal with all the procedures and paperwork required to hand your completed property over in exchange for a fixed price and within a guaranteed period. 
    So, if you can find a key-ready constructor it will save you a lot of worries and headaches and allow you to relax and enjoy the process.
  • Look for a company that provides a good after-sale service:

    This is one of the most important points if you want to enjoy your home 100%. 

    If you choose a small building company, they probably won't be able to provide you with the same after-sale service as a larger one with more experience and qualified staff prepared to solve any problems in an efficient manner.

    A good after-sale service is vital, especially in the beginning. A truly positive experience in your new home depends on it, in fact.
  • Look for a company that speaks your language: 

    We mean that literally. They will be able to provide you with a contract in your own language, meaning you can be sure you won't miss anything and avoiding misunderstandings caused by language barriers.
  • Look for a company that listens to you, understands your needs and takes as much time as necessary to put it all into a project. 
  • Look for a company that deals with all the bureaucracy and paperwork: 

    These are procedures we are generally unfamiliar with and they can cause massive headaches if we have to face them alone. 
  • Full guarantee: 

    No "buts", no exceptions, no excuses and no fine print. Look for a building company that will save you as many concerns as possible.
  • Look for a company that makes you feel like your project is unique, and that you are their most important client:

    Because in actual fact, it is and you are. Every client has different needs, goals and expectations, therefore every project should be approached in a special and unique manner. Each and every project and each and every client is the most important one. 
  • Look for a company that offers an interior design service:

    If you're lucky enough to find a building company that offers to furnish and decorate your new home, we recommend that you make the most of the service.

    They tend to work with interior designers at very competitive prices. You'll save a lot of time and gain quality as they will take care of all the details, personalising your home to fully suit your taste.
  • Look for a company that empathises with you, that you feel comfortable with: 

    Bear in mind that this is going to be a medium-long term relationship so the human factor is important. Look for someone you get on with that can become a friend during the process. 

If you take all of these factors into account when it comes to choosing the right company to build your home, you're bound to make the correct decision.

Good luck with the process! Enjoy your new home!

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