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Chlorine-free pools

There are few things more tempting than the thought of sinking into the water of a clean, crystal-clear swimming pool at the ideal temperature. And if it's your own pool, better still.

Swimming pools are a very attractive addition to any property. In the summer, they most certainly manage to turn your garden into your own little private oasis. Moreover, they give us the chance to share fun times with friends and loved ones.


We must remember though that pools require constant maintenance to ensure they are in prime condition for use. One of the maintenance tasks is to treat the water to avoid bacteria, germs, algae or mould appearing in the pool.

Chlorine and other chemical products used for this task manage to get rid of any issues but they can cause skin problems, especially in children and elderly people, dry out hair, irritate eyes and damage swimwear.

Luckily nowadays there are a number of alternatives to these chemical products to purify the water in your pool.

Benefits of not using chlorine 

Alternatives to chlorine for your pool maintenance

You don't necessarily need to use chemical products for your pool maintenance. There are other, far less aggressive but equally effective alternatives.

  • Natural pool: 

Also known as bio-pools. They reproduce a small scale, self-regulating live ecosystem.

This is a very convenient new trend in swimming pools both from the aesthetic and the ecologic point of view. They fit into their surroundings much better, providing a lovely result.

Natural pool

They manage to achieve 100% pure, filtered, chemical product-free water. There are two different areas in this type of pool: one for swimming and another for filtering.

The water runs between these two areas via pipes, pumps or waterfalls. During this journey debris is eliminated and the water oxygenised

Regarding the costs, installation costs are more or less the same as those of a conventional pool but where maintenance is concerned the savings are huge. 

The only inconvenience we can find is that they need a lot of space: at least 40 square metres, with about half of this space allocated to water regeneration.

  • Salt water chlorinators:

In this case, the product employed to keep the water in good condition is salt. Your pool water won't be salty like seawater though, the saline concentration is very low. 

It is contained in a device in the filter system, which uses the salt water to create gaseous chlorine which dissolves in the water and disinfects it.

It's a totally environmentally friendly system which can save you 80% on your pool maintenance costs. 


  • Water purifiers:

These are actually water ionisers. There are two different types: those that run on electricity and those that run on solar power.

They modify the properties of the salts present in the water, stabilising the pH levels and avoiding formation of algae and mould. The purifiers contain copper, a natural, clean bactericide.

They require sporadic use of other chemical products, but this is still 90% less than usual. They keep the pool water completely clean.

  • Ultraviolet disinfection: 

Bacteria and microorganisms are eliminated with an ultraviolet light generated by a system of lamps, which destroy all types of moulds and bacteria. They disinfect the water in a safe, effective manner.

This system provides additional disinfection to chemical treatment, reducing the use of these products by up to 80%. It is compatible with saline chlorinators. 


The best choice for your pool maintenance depends on your needs, the way you will be using your pool, the space available and the location

It is always advisable to rely on experienced professionals, who will know how to advise you and accompany you during the process and who follow the most innovative trends in building. 

If you would like to have a chlorine-free pool at your home, we'd be delighted to offer you all the information you need. Press the button below to contact us: 

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