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Beware of the autumn rains

The Costa Blanca enjoys a mild, pleasant climate all year round, but autumn brings with it a phenomenon called the 'gota fría' (a cold front) which causes big storms all over the coast.

They're not very serious, but it's best to be prepared.

What is the 'gota fría'?

The 'gota fría' on the Mediterranean Coast is a phenomenon which occurs when a front of cold, dry air collides with another warm, very damp one due to the evaporation of large amounts of water caused by high sea temperatures.

This atmospheric phenomenon causes heavy rains with great amounts of water falling in very little time. The storms are short but very intense and are accompanied by strong winds and falling temperatures.

This atmospheric phenomenon is also known as a DANA, short in Spanish for Isolated Depression at High Levels.


How should I prepare for the 'gota fría' season?

The main consequence of this atmospheric phenomenon, which usually occurs at the beginning of the autumn, is the great amount of flooding and damage they cause.

In the space of just a few hours, the Costa Blanca receives many, many litres of rainfall. It isn't a huge problem, but you must be ready to prevent the damage this rain can cause to your property.

Some homes on the Costa Blanca are not occupied all year round as they are second or holiday homes. That means when the rainy autumn weather arrives the owners aren't there to keep an eye on what's going on. 


If, for example, the drains in your garden are jammed with fallen leaves, it could flood and the water could damage not only the garden or the pool, but also the doors and the inside of your property.  

Clearing the garden drains of debris before you leave at the end of the summer is, of course, a good preventative measure, but they will probably only stay clear for a few days at the most. Eventually, unless someone's paying attention, they're bound to get blocked.

The 'gota fría' usually comes accompanied by strong storms and lightning which can cause voltage spikes in the mains electricity. It's a good idea to fit ground fault circuit breakers to avoid damage to your electrical installation and plug as many things as possible into socket strips with switches.

Home control plus is the perfect solution  

To avoid all of this, the best thing is to entrust somebody with the year-round maintenance of your property. We know it can be hard to find someone to trust with such an important task, but at Jetvillas we know what you need and we're always here to help you and make your life easier.

With Home Control Plus, your property will always be in perfect condition, ready to welcome you warmly when you arrive and avoiding the need to take care of whatever has happened while you were away.

We will visit your property regularly, at least once a month, and make sure everything is in order, keep your house clean and aired to avoid damp problems, repair any small defects, avoid large bills due to leaky taps or lights left on by mistake and keep burglars and squatters away. 

Feel the privilege of not needing to worry about a thing by contracting Home Control Plus.

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