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A German who adores his house in Costa Blanca

This is a testimonial Andreas Sutter has written himself. The German man was looking for the house of his dreams, and he eventually found it in Spain, in Costa Blanca. We were lucky enough to accompany him throughout the process.

Testimonial Andreas

It took us absolutely ages to find our holiday home: 2 years!

First, we searched in Puglia (in southern Italy), then in Mallorca and finally on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast.

The most important factors for us were: the price, the size of the house, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the location and accessibility from Germany.

Jetvillas offered us options that fully met our requirements. We were able to discuss freely with them all the pros and cons of each option.

The third house we went to view ended up becoming ours. 

Testimonial Andreas

Jetvillas were very professional. They prepared and carried out the purchase process and accompanied us at all times.

After the purchase, Jetvillas prepared an offer to renovate and redesign the house a bit in accordance with our tastes and ideas. We requested quotes from another two companies to compare and we investigated to find out about Jetvillas' reputation.

The result: Jetvillas got the job! 

Testimonial Andreas

Without us even asking them to, Jetvillas voluntarily included a clause in the contract we signed for the renovations to regulate the financial compensation we would have had to receive if they failed to meet the agreed delivery date. 

Yes, I say "would have had to" because the house was actually finished and ready to move into on the day we had agreed.

Better still, they didn't go a cent over budget!

Now, 7 years later, we're still very happy with the quality of the work.

Testimonial Andreas

But that isn't all: Jetvillas provides us with a fabulous after-sale service: they deal with gardeners, pool maintenance and technicians, hold the keys and collect our mail (which is very important to avoid a full post box becoming an obvious sign we're not there).

We felt we were in good hands from our very first visit, throughout the sale and we still do now. If there's a problem (and there are always some problems with houses) they always provide us with friendly, willing, professional assistance!

Testimonial Andreas

Thanks to Jetvillas, we've found our dream house at an affordable price.  

Now, we travel there however suits us best: by car, caravan, motorbike or plane. We always enjoy the Costa Blanca's marvellous weather (even in the winter), the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and the delights of Spain.

Whenever we come to the house, I turn the outside lights on in the evening and sit out on the terrace. That way I can gaze lovingly at my house.

Yes, I love this house and that's why I have to say once again: THANK YOU, Jetvillas!

Testimonial Andreas

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